It’s been a while.

A garden, my garden.

Hello again, it really has been a while. I’m not even sure how to start this off, it’s been that long. I’ve checked, and the last time I posted something here was 21st March 2020 – quite a lot has happened since then. Please excuse me if I ramble on, I’m out of practice.

I stopped because I didn’t want to write about anything to to with COVID, because everyone was banging on about it, and it started to get a bit boring to have to think about. Roll forward a couple of days later from that last post, and we went into a three week (fourteen thousand year) lockdown. And here we are, ready to put pen to paper. There’s no pen or paper, but you get what I mean.

One of the reasons I stopped writing things was because the main aim of it was to get out the house, dump myself in the corner of a coffee shop and type away. Proper cliche shit. Needless to say, that was no longer, and still isn’t, a reality. Quite the opposite in fact, hiding away inside my flat and not leaving the house for weeks on end. Only leaving for a food shop, which became the equivalent of a mad weekend with strangers off the internet. Supermarkets will have that affect on you when they’re the only place to go.

I purchased the laptop that I use for this, purely for this. It was the only reason I signed myself up for ridiculous monthly payments on something I could have spend a fraction of the amount on. As always, pretension got the better of me. However it quite quickly became my office, my work, my all day every day hunched over the bloody thing. I resented using it after 5pm, and so was the hiatus of this little venture. I should have carried on with it, but quite honestly I couldn’t be arsed to do much at all once we were in lockdown. I don’t think I’m the only one who felt like that.

A thoroughly exciting food shop.

Ironically, throughout an extended period of fuck all, plenty has still managed to happen. The biggest of things is that I’ve moved house. Something that definitely was not in any plan, and yet managed to happen. In reality, it probably wouldn’t have happened without COVID changing everything and making it possible to start saving some money for the first time in an absolute age. I write this now from the garden, something I’ve never had before. Aren’t they good?! Who knew. I’ve just moved out of the sun, because I’m fairly sure it’s only going to take twelve minutes before I burn to further insignificance.

I also became an uncle to a baby child. She is sweet. Even as someone who isn’t a baby person, she’s quite cute. Such is the style of COVID, it took three months to eventually meet her. Patience has been the aim of the game of late. Patience like nobody has ever known before. Something that isn’t really worth thinking about in too much detail, it would and has driven me mad. I’m lucky enjoying my own company, but even that has been tested at times.

Another reason to not want to write anything about COVID was knowing that I’d had it really easy, and continue to do so. That’s great, but I feel like when you write it down and bang on about other trivial stuff that, in comparison, doesn’t matter, you can’t help sounding like a prick. I’m great at being a prick, but I don’t like to sound like one. It happens enough unintentionally without actually making an effort to do so.

Drinking alone is the new going out.

Something that has been a bizarre one is social contact. Pre-COVID, I’d accuse myself of being a social bean. I’d have plans to see friends near and far, most weekends would be doing something of something, and it would be a bit of novelty to spend a day or two doing very little indoors. What a time that was. Meaningful socialisation is just starting to creep back in, but golly it’s not as easy as it used to be. I’m sure it’ll get a bit more normal in time, but there is only so much conversation you can muster about your favourite food shop of the year, and ranking your masks in order from best to worst. Video chats have been very useful, but they can now kindly do one.

I’m going to try and be regular with posting on here again. I loved doing it before as a selfish indulgence. It was part of a now non-existent routine. Things are starting to get ever so slightly more regular, it’s time to try and remember what used to provide some pleasure. The day I can go and do my douchey coffee shop performance will be a sweet, sweet day. I know one thing, from just writing this piece I am completely out of the habit. It’s probably shite, and I’m alright with that. I need to get back into the rhythm of it.

Over the coming weeks and months, I’ll elaborate on more stuff that has happened over the last year or so. I hope anyone reading this hasn’t had a completely shit time of it. I say that knowing plenty of people have, which enters into prick territory. I don’t know about you, but the thought of the supermarket being once again a normal, boring obligation fills me with glee.

3 thoughts on “It’s been a while.

  1. It’s been quite a year for you, in lots of good ways 😊. Glad you’re back writing, I’ve missed it xx


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